Hello, I am Maria, an architect by day and an illustrator by night, blogging at FloorNumber Four where I also have my online shop. I met Carol (online) a few months back, we both share the same passion for interiors, monochrome and clean minimal designs so I am very happy to be filling in for her today while she is away on a fab holiday!

Currently I live in the southwest of green and rainy Ireland with my husband, and we are planning a move into a new home soon, which I am very exited about! So as it happens being the interior/design geek I am, plus due to our coming up move-out/move-in situation, I have spent a tremendous amount of time searching for interiors I like with the feeling of home I am going for. I am sharing a piece of my mind here today, as you can see there is a lot of white involved! I like white interiors because I like to see change in my home every so often, a bit like nature that is changing every season I like my home to be able to do the same; and against white that is so neutral a change in the colour of small details can bring a totally different feel! I also like to see some wood in a home, I think it softens the harshness of the flat white surfaces and makes the space less serious and more relaxed!

I hope you’ll find my ideas inspiring, have a lovely day everyone and thanks for having me chit-chatting on your blog today Carol!

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