Estos son los avances en el hogar, van tomando forma, aún faltan detalles, pero me siento bien al ir viendo el progreso. Faltan cojines decorativos, unos calendarios que estén en casa de mi mamá entre otras cosas, y afiches por llegar. Entre trabajo y este hobby no me queda tiempo para mucho. Que estén de maravilla.

This is a preview of home, its taking form, still some details are coming, but i feel good with the progress. Some cushion covers, calendars and prints to arrive. With work and this hobby theres no much time left for other things. Hope you have wonderful days.

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  1. gorgeous style :) I think it would be great if you mix this interior with grey tones.. looking foreward to your next photo's. I pinned some photo's on my pinterest, hope you dont mind! Maybe they will give you some new followers :)

    1. Thanks Souraya! Yes i bought a playtipe print in grey, and some cushions in grey in society 6, in december i incorporate copper and pink gold. Because here theres no spring like everybody knows i dond incorporate other color, it rains almost all year. Maybe when i have kids im thinking of grey. And maybe a pale pink. I donk mind at all, thanks for the support. Hugs.


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